Palani Shri.M.Subramania Pillai
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Guruvayur Dorai Talks on Palani
More of a "Maanaseeka" disciple than direct disciple of Palani and a respected senior mridanga vidwan.

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T.K.Moorthy talks on Palani
Senior most surviving desiple of Thanjavur Vaidyanatha Iyer and a great admirer of Palani.

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Trichy J.Venkatraman talks on Palani
Disciple of Alathur Venkatesa Iyar, who was father of Alathur Subbayyar. Instead of blood, laya runs in his veins.
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Trichy Sankaran talks on Palani
Palani’s favorite and most intelligent disciple

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Lalgudi G. Jayaraman
Violin maestro, who’s earlier career was supported and helped by Shri. Palani.

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Palghat Raghu Speaks on Palani
A senior disciple of Palghat Shri.Mani Iyer who was equally an admirer of Palani.
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